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A Spotlight On: Jucelyne Nhanra of Jú Moransa, the fashion designer from Guinea-Bissau

Updated: May 22, 2023

On 11 March 2023, we attended the Jú Moransa AW23 show in London. We've been following Jucelyne's journey for years now so it's great to see the progression of her brand. We had a really great experience at the presentation and can't wait to see what else she decides to share with the world. Read on to get the full download.

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Following through the construction of an archive, the creative director Jucelyne made a trip to Guinea-Bissau, Formosa island in Bissagos archipelago and this is what inspired the designs and visual storytelling of the collection.

The presentation started with a short film directed by Jucelyne Nhanro and artist Henrique J. Paris. It then went on to showcase the pieces featuring electric blue and a warm bright orange as key statement colours, with monochrome and earthy tones also seen throughout.

The inspiration behind the collection was proudly showcased in details such as the traditional African waist beads, tribal straw skirt details, raw hems, organic earrings made out of a regional fruit shell, beads going down the middle of a long skirt and a typical Bissau Guinean wooden tooth comb worn as an accessory.

The pieces seemed like a celebration of the female form in all its phases and changes, suggested by the cropped blazers, mini skirts, deep cut cleavage, bare bellies, open backs and high waisted trousers, but also more oversized suits, exaggerated bows, statement shoulders and asymmetric styles.

Throughout the showcase, the models really embodied the essence of the collection through their fluid movements and poise. There was a clear portrayal of diversity with the cast being a range of heights, sizes, body shapes and ethnicities.

Overall, we felt a real sense of ethnic pride, togetherness and regality from the hairstyles down to the choice of colours and the way the models manoeuvred around the space and then came together in the finale. The catwalk came to an close with the appearance of emotional Jucelyne who could not help but share tears of joy with the audience, bringing it all to a beautiful end.

About Formosa

The Autumn/Winter 2023 collection concept emerged through discussions about identity, integrity and contemporary African philosophies. In the process of finding harmony between her motherhood experience and her design practice gauged an interest in thinking movement, quotidian tensions faced and what these notions mean to African Diaspora contexts.

Jucelyne Nhanra of Jú Moransa

Jú is a fashion brand by designer Jucelyne Nhanro, whose work interprets West African culture, directly emphasising Bissau-Guinean costumes and craftsmanship extolling her homeland's philosophies. The womenswear brand focuses on examining socio-cultural themes and environmental practices through clothing that brings distinctive notions to luxury.

To watch the show highlight reel click here: Jú Moransa AW23 show

Written by Giovanna Vieira Co, 2023


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