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ChatGPT For Fashion Businesses: 5 ways you can grow your brand and increase your efficiency

Updated: May 22, 2023

ChatGPT For Fashion Businesses the fashion blueprint ai fashion avatar ai fashion week fashion business

AI Fashion Week

What is ChatGPT ?

Firstly, to know how ChatGPT can help you and your business, it's important to find out exactly what it is. You've probably seen the word being thrown around everywhere on the internet lately, it seems to be the new buzzword when talking about technology but what is it? Well ChatGPT is an artificial-intelligence (AI) chatbot developed by OpenAI and launched less than 6 months ago, in November 2022 to be exact

To simplify it even more, ChatGPT is a very helpful, informational resource tool with encyclopedic knowledge (think google or wikipedia), that allows users to obtain information via an AI chatbot. So just as you would type a question into the google search bar and get pages and pages of results, you would simply type a prompt and AI can answer your questions and write text as a real person would. In short, it’s a really advanced chatbot and according to the creators, ChatGPT can “answer follow-up questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests.” ChatGPT is free but you may need to pay a subscription to use some of the more advanced software

We know how life can get as a busy entrepreneur trying to start or scale your business but there are a number of ways in which you can leverage ChatGPT to ease some of your workload and increase your efficiency

ChatGPT For Fashion Businesses: Improve your efficiency with these 5 ChatGPT prompts

ChatGPT has an infinite amount of capabilities, here are 5 prompts you can use to save time and increase your productivity:

1) Write emails using ChatGPT

Writing emails is one of the many administrative tasks that we all hate doing, all the back and forth which takeS days, weeks or even months to conclude. The worst part of it all is that it often takes longer thinking about what to type than it actually does typing.

Spending too much time thinking about how to write your emails takes you away from the key priorities of running your business, so why not let AI do this work for you?

You can give the chatbot a task – for example, "write a cold email to a potential customer to tell them about the new spring summer fashion collection and invite them to the launch" – and ChatGPT will a give more than relevant answer

ChatGPT For Fashion Businesses the fashion blueprint ai fashion avatar ai fashion week fashion business

With a few tweaks here and there, you'll be able to hit send in no time and increase your email send rates!

2) Create content Content is currency as we’ve said time and time again. In the era of social media and the abundance of information available, it’s advised to feed your community with relevant knowledge about your brand and the industry it’s in. If you are a small business owner it can be almost impossible to find time to sit down, research and create content (trust me, i've been there). This is why ChatGPT is a game changing tool that even journalists at top media publications are using to elevate their work

You can ask ChatGPT to create content on any topic you like and if the results are not perfect initially you can ask the bot for suggestions to improve it.

For example, we input the prompt “can you suggest 5 topics on luxury fashion” and the results did not disappoint

ChatGPT For Fashion Businesses the fashion blueprint ai fashion avatar ai fashion week fashion business

3) Learn something new

Up-skilling is a crucial part of the self development journey, and learning a new skill gives you the much needed confidence to push your abilities as an entrepreneur. In this current climate, it is a competitive advantage to be as knowledgeable as possible in your current field but also to have generalist knowledge within surrounding industries.

For example, if you are looking to raise funds for your brand and want to learn about different fundraising techniques using the prompt “What is the essential knowledge for business fundraising?”

ChatGPT For Fashion Businesses the fashion blueprint ai fashion avatar ai fashion week fashion business

4) Read faster and extract the key points from the text

Ok so picture this, you're about to close a partnership deal with the brand you really wanted and they sent you over the documents to sign but you just haven't found the time to read it and you are due to meet in an hour to talk it over. Or perhaps you’ve been invited to speak at an event and were sent over the brief a week ago but it got lost in your mailbox and now you have to less than a day to prepare…Well with ChatGPT you can copy and paste the text from the relevant document straight into the chat box and then ask the AI bot to write a summary. It will be almost impossible for anyone to know that you had only just looked over the document and were literally clueless less than a few minutes ago

The more text you input the longer it will take for ChatGPT to process. It’s recommended to break the document down into smaller, digestible chunks, this also makes it easier for you to read through the information

5) Make up a meal recipe from the food already in your fridge

Yup, you read it right. Unfortunately a caramel latte and almond croissant is not considered an actual meal and whilst on the go, as we often are, it can be difficult to find time to sit and have lunch. Well when you eventually get back home, you can use the ChatGPT bot to help you with recipes using the ingredients you already have in your fridge. It really is as simple as checking what is available at home and typing in a prompt similar to “I have 3 eggs, one chicken leg, broccoli and a can of sweetcorn. What can I make?”

ChatGPT For Fashion Businesses the fashion blueprint ai fashion avatar ai fashion week fashion business

There are an infinite number of ways in which ChatGPT can increase the efficiency of your work and make your life so much easier but it is important to remember that this is an AI software and therefore doesn't know the difference between what's true and what’s not. It is best to fact check before submitting any pieces of work created using ChatGPT

Written by Misi Ogunlana, 2023


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