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Community For The Fashion Entrepreneur 


independent, black-owned

and sustainable fashion brands.

Join our industry panels, networking events and community initiatives 

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Welcome to our community!

Are you building a fashion brand?

Don't do it alone.

Collaboration over competition.

We share insights, resources and give you access to a new network 

Our Events

  • Passion To Paycheque
    Passion To Paycheque
    Thu, 23 Nov
    Learn how to turn your passion for fashion into a profitable business, with first hand knowledge from real-life entrepreneurs
  • Manufacturing & Sustainable Business Models
    Manufacturing & Sustainable Business Models
    THE FASHION BLUEPRINT is proud to host a webinar on "Manufacturing & Sustainable Business Models" moderated by Gigi Vieira and Misi Ogunlana with an incredible line-up of speakers who are innovating and changing the game
  • Anti Fashion Week Afterparty (AFWA)
    Anti Fashion Week Afterparty (AFWA)
    Sun, 17 Sept
    Social Convention
    The only place to be after the shows. No rules, no pretentiousness, straight vibes.
  • Open Casting Call
    Open Casting Call
    Sun, 17 Sept
    Social Convention
    Be the new face of Rare Select Models.
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Our Community

Where do you meet the most creative, entrepreneurial people in the industry? Our events are an opportunity to grow your network, learn from each other and expand as a collective. Connect with 1000+ fashion business owners, designers, freelancers and industry professionals

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What We Do

Our Pillars



We represent the underrepresented, turning exclusivity into inclusivity



We educate entrepreneurs on more circular business practices, for people, planet and profit

The future is shaped now. Are you ready to make a change?



We promote the use of fashion technology and cutting-edge solutions for the wider industry

What We Do

THE FASHION BLUEPRINT (TFB) is a community-centred consulting agency.

We promote sustainability and connect underrepresented entrepreneurs with opportunities and a pathway in the fashion industry. This is done via business coaching, panel and networking events, community activations, workshops for independent, black-owned and sustainable fashion brands. The goal of TFB is to be a vessel of change and incubate the fashion businesses of the future. 


We speak from experience. Having had careers in the fashion industry , collaborating and consulting for several different companies, we are experts in building successful fashion brands: from high-end fashion to rental, marketplaces and service businesses.

Companies We Have Worked With:

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