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We build sexy, sustainable brands

Our main focus is not only the creative aspects of running a fashion business, but the strategic and financial sides too. We offer one-to-one consultations, e-resources, manufacturing and networking events with successful fashion entrepreneurs.

This is the first step in setting the right strategy for you as a fashion entrepreneur and your business. Every consultation is tailored to each brand/entrepreneur. We assess your needs prior, giving you a step-by-step breakdown of our proposal plan during the meeting.

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Brand development

We give you the blueprint to starting your fashion brand, even if you don't have a fashion background. Our e-resources support you in creating a compelling brand strategy and a strong visual identity.

You will find it helpful to do this prior to manufacturing your collection.

The more you define your brand direction, the less mistakes you will make in the future (saving you and your business money, time and resources). 

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3D fashion design, sampling and manufacturing

Say goodbye to endless sampling, high MOQs and wasting money on products that you cannot sell. We help you turn your ideas into reality, without the hassle that usually comes with fashion manufacturing. 

Even if you only have rough sketches, we can convert them into a 3D sample and manufacture it into a final piece that's ready for production.

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Networking events

Running a fashion business doesn't have to be a lonely ride. 
We host networking events, panel talks and workshops specifically for fashion entrepreneurs so that we can all connect with each other, share our experiences and grow together. 

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Marketing strategy

In a dynamic industry where every thread counts, you can't afford to lose momentum. We take a deep dive into your brand's current performance, identifying untapped potential and using our network to help you unlock new opportunities.

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