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Designer Spotlight: Claudia Wang Makes LFW Debut with SS24 Collection

Taiwanese designer Claudia Wang made her London Fashion Week debut with a unique video game-inspired immersive experience on 17th September 2023. This showcase took place in Central London, at a contemporary Art Gallery on the South Bank.

Image credit: Courtesy of the brand

Claudia Wang presented her SS24 collection (31 looks in total) with a dynamic tech-blended show inspired by the playfulness of virtual spaces. The presentation exhibited her exciting new collection that works to highlight the importance of video games to enhance our conception of the physical world.

The presentation saw models arranged on plinths throughout the space wearing the SS24 collection, while the surrounding curved walls were illuminated by a projection of Wang’s specially designed computer game. Feline avatars roamed around the screens wearing digital iterations of the new collection (mimicking the models in the physical showcase space).

Claudia Wang’s bespoke video game is populated by avatars inspired by the 12 creatures of the Eastern zodiac signs. The game aims to lead the audience on a journey through the past, present and future. Wang is trying to emphasise the importance of virtual worlds to liberate our minds from the confines of normal life.

Image credits: Courtesy of the brand

Claudia Wang unifies this desire to escape into the otherworldly magic of virtual spaces, alongside more grounding references to the limits of (and beauty within) humanity. These themes are reflected in the collection itself. The vibrant and fun pieces are adorned with patterns created by Wang that are inspired by the video game zodiac signs, while the rose motif threaded throughout the collection acts as a reminder to centre oneself in reality.

From conception, Claudia Wang’s designing process is engaged with digital processing. Claudia Wang creates her patterns digitally before doing anything else, reducing waste. Her design process is a beautiful example of how life, and art, can be enhanced through a balanced relationship between physical and digital.

This presentation opens a new chapter in the fusion of art and fashion, guiding viewers into a fantasy world while igniting profound reflections on love and life.

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To follow Claudia Wang's journey, visit her website.

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Written by: Dyelog PR, Edited by: Giovanna Vieira Co, 2023


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